Classical Nordic Design with Atmosphere

nordisk-designFinland Institute’s facility on Snickarbacken in central Stockholm was built over a century ago. It was built in 1896 for the YMCA after the architect Johan Laurentz drawings, with lavish ornaments on both the inside and outside. Parts of Finlandshuset are protected today, for example, the staircase with multi-colored limestone floors, but also the stylish fireplace in the gallery.

In 1970 the house was bought by the Foundation of Finland House, which in 1995 became the Foundation for Finnish Culture Institute in Sweden, which currently operates the Institute. In the house are also Finnish Tourist Office and the Finnish Association in Stockholm located. In 1995 the Karelia Hotel next door were sold and later during fall the Board announced an architect contest for the overhaul of the house. 52 proposals were received and the winning proposal was designed by GWSK Architects in Stockholm.