A conference held here, is suitable as well between four eyes as between four hundred

A conference at Finlandshuset Conference is suited equally well for the smaller meeting as for the larger conference. Our flexible and accommodating staff brings your conference into line with your needs and is always there to help. The house contains one large and six smaller conference rooms, and a mingle-friendly party hall for 200 people.

Conference in Stockholm

Our central location makes it easy for you to combine the conference with all the entertainment a metropolis like Stockholm has to offer. For longer stays, we will arrange accommodation in cooperation with the adjacent hotel.

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Full breakfast buffet or perhaps an evening sandwich?

At Finlandshuset Conference you and your guests can choose between four different types of conferences. Choose if you want a breakfast meeting with a delicious breakfast buffet or perhaps an afternoon meeting. Of course you can also meet here in the evening or during a whole day. In the building you can find Finland Institute’s facilities, a library and a conservatory, which is a great place for an apretif. I vår restaurang bjuds det på bufféer och spännande mat med inspiration från jordens alla hörn. In our restaurant we offer different buffets and exciting cuisines with inspiration from all corners of the earth.

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