Topelius Hall (Topeliussalen)


Size School U-shape Theater Islands Board tables
Topelius 56 sq.m. 40 25 50 36


topeliusTopelius was born on Kuddnäs in österbotten the 14th of January 1818. He was named after his father Zacharias. The parents consciously followed a consistent line in the upbringing of the children and they also tried new pedagogical knowledge. Gender discrimination and social inequality was something that Topelius obviously discouraged. The father went even so far that he in his will, decided that both children would inherit equally and not as practice and mandatory law said.

Topelius worked as a journalist at Helsinki Newspapers. As a lobbyist, he was far ahead of his time. As in many other issues, he also was liberal language politically. With his serial Fältskärns Stories, he was quickly appreciated by a broad audience, as well as for his poems, plays and stories* and, not least for the textbook The Book About Our Country. From year 1860 he served as professor in Finnish, Russian and Scandinavian history at the University of Helsinki. Later, he served as professor in general history and in the 1870s, he was head of the university. Topelius recieved appreciation both in his home country and abroad. His pieces were sold, poems were read and songs were sung – and this not only in Finland. Topelius pieces have been translated into several languages. Zacharias Topelius died in 1898.


* The conference room Björken and the star here in Finlandshuset is named after a famous Topelius story