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Runeberg 47 sq.m. 30 20 40 22


johan_runebergJohan Ludvig Runeberg (1804-1877), was born Feb. 5, 1804 in Pietarsaari. It is not entirely clear whether he was born on the fifth or seventh of February, but he always used to celebrate his birthday on the fifth. Runeberg became at a very early stage famous as a writer in Finland. His poems were written to music early so they were spread among people both in Swedish and Finnish. His poem Our Country, which became Finland’s national anthem was written by Frederick Pacius. When the first part of Fänrik Ståls tales were published in 1848 it sold record and the second part sold even better, over a thousand copies in two days. Also in other countries Runeberg’s fame grew rapidly. He was received like a king when he visited Sweden in 1851 and people were queuing to see a glimpse of him. The same year he started to be named as Finlands national poet. Runeberg died in 1877.

fredrika_runebergFredrika Runeberg (1807-1879), born as Tengström, has long been symbolizing the ideal wife and housewife in Finland. She was mostly known as the poet wife and a hospitable hostess. She gave birth to eight children, two of whom died as young, and she led a large household with servants. But Fredrika Runeberg did a lot more than that. She was one of the most cultivated women at her time; she was a writer and also the country’s first female newspaper editor.