Size School U-shape Theater Islands Board tables
Lönnrot 45 sq.m. 20 16 30 16


elias_lonnrotElias Lönnrot (1802 – 1884) was born in Sammatti parish in southern Finland in tailor Fredrik Juhana (Johan) Lönnrots large family with seven children. At Turku Academy, he was in contact with a small group of nationalist-minded teachers and students. Lönnrot decided to use the summer of 1828 for a trip to Savolax and Karelia to collect and learn runic characters. He wanted with his own words ”see further around in his own country, get to know its language with different dialects, but mainly collect its amazing beauty works of folk poetry.” To increase interest in the Finnish language Suomalainen Kirjallisuuden Seura (SKS, Finnish Literature Society) was founded in 1831. Lönnrot became the society’s first secretary. The following years he made several other collection trips, mainly to the White Sea Karelia, where he noted ten thousands of runic verses. With Homer’s Iliad and the Odyssey and the ancient-Scandinavian Edda as role models, Lönnrot created the Finnish national epic Kalevala, which was published in 1835. An extended version came out in 1849. The latest translation into swedish was made by Lars and Mats Huldén in 1999.