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Aino 8

Aino is an old but beloved women’s names in Finland (even in 1999 the number seventeen among the most popular names for newborn girls).

aino_aaltoIn 1932 the famous Alvar Aalto lost a design competition, in which his wife Aino (1894-1949) was the winner. Her ”Aino Aalto” glass did also get a gold medal at Triennalen in Milan in 1936.

Aino Sibelius (1871-1969), a sister to the painter Eero Järnefelt, named Sibelius beautiful family villa Ainola in Tuusula north of Helsinki, where the composer Jean S. receded after the hectic (and very expensive!) life as an artist in the capital.

Sculptor John Takanen angered the nationalist circles in Finland when he chose an Italian woman as a model for his statue of Kalevala Aino (1876).

Akseli Gallen-Kallela, however, met with the contemporary folk soul with his triptych Aino-myth (1891) about the Kalevala Virgo, which went into the lake rather than marry the old prophet Väinämöinen.

The world-famous Finnish singer Aino Ackté (1876-1944) has been honored with both her own silver coins and a stamp.